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Natural Painkiller - Penahan sakit semulajadi

Kak As tertarik dengan tajuk di atas setelah terjumpa satu artikel dari  Sebetulnya ada macam2 lagi artikel menarik kat sana. Bila uoll free bolehlah pergi jenguk2, sebab boleh dapat banyak maklumat berguna di sana.

Sebetulnya Kak As kesian pada diri Kak As sendiri dan anak2 dan kita2 semualah sebab sejak kecil lagi dah terdedah dengan painkiller ni. Maklumlah dulu kesedaran terhadap kesan buruk painkiller ni tak begitu diwar-warkan.  Kita pun nak ambil jalan mudah, sakit kepala ambil panadol, sakit senggugut ambil panadol,  sakit urat makan ponstan ... begitulah. Painkiller mudah dibeli dimana2 saja, hatta di kedai runcit sekalipun.  Penuhlah badan ni dengan painkiller yang sarat bahan kimia beracun .... huhuhuhu!!! 

Jadi bila jumpa artikel ni Kak As seronok sangat nak share dengan uolls. Better late than never kan!!


Whatever the injury or illness that is causing you pain, you may not want to keep popping painkillers continuously. Painkillers have several side effects, which include damage to your liver and kidneys. If you are looking for natural ways to relieve your pain, here are some foods that work as natural painkillers


Eating just one cup of grapes every day can help keep back pain away. Grapes contain properties that increase the circulation in your lower back, thereby alleviating backaches.


Pineapple contains bromelain, a compound that improves your circulation, prevents cramps and thwarts inflammation. It gets rid of the inflammatory compounds that cause arthritis and also cures a bloated tummy and heaviness.


Since ancient times, garlic has been used as a painkiller to treat various conditions. It is especially useful in treating joint pain, so you can try chopping up a clove of garlic and heating it in a little oil and applying the oil on your joints. You can also use it to treat a toothache by crushing a few pods of garlic, adding a pinch of salt and applying it to your tooth


Cloves are also effective in treating toothaches. You can keep a clove in your mouth next to the tooth that hurts or dab some clove oil onto a piece of cotton and apply it to the tooth.


Our ancestors have been using ginger to cure inflammation and pain for centuries and modern studies have only confirmed what they already knew. Ginger helps ease not only arthritic pain, but overall pain as well. 


Turmeric contains curcumin, a chemical that has anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. Turmeric is effective against both arthritis and heartburn.


Cherries contain anthocyanins, which are the compounds responsible for their bright red colour. These compounds are also natural painkillers and are especially effective against joint pain.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has alkaline-forming properties, so it can be used to combat heartburn. Mix one spoon of apple cider vinegar into a glass of water and sip it slowly for relief from acidity.


Oats are loaded with magnesium, a mineral that helps to prevent cramps. Eating oats can help reduce menstrual cramps and ease the pain of endometriosis.


Eating blueberries can help ward off urinary tract infections, in addition to curing peptic ulcers, digestive problems and bladder infections. This is because blueberries contain antioxidants that kill the free radicals that harm your digestive lining.


Like blueberries, cranberries also cure ulcers and prevent urinary tract infections. The next time you are experiencing stomach pain for these reasons, drink cranberry juice instead of taking a painkiller. Not a store bought one mind you, but natural cranberry juice that hasn’t been processed.


Peppermint is a natural remedy that can be used to treat anything from toothaches and joint pain to headaches and muscle pain. Peppermint is also effective in treating skin problems, joint pain and gastrointestinal problems like gas and bloating.

Fish oil

Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that can ease the pain caused by many chronic conditions, including headaches, back pain, nerve pain, and rheumatoid arthritis.


Sunlight contains Vitamin D, and studies have found that people with chronic pain often have low levels of Vitamin D. Improving your Vitamin D levels can make a drastic difference to your pain. 


Ada sesetengah supplement Shaklee mengandungi khasiat yang dinyatakan di atas.  Sila maklum yer, bahan2 yang digunakan untuk menghasilkan produk Shaklee terutama supplement adalah dijamin 100% tulen, semulajadi dan selamat.  Sebab tu Kak As yakin menggunakannya dan yakin untuk berkongsi kebaikannya dengan uolls.

Kaya dengan anggur muscadine dan beberapa tumbuhan hebat yang berkhasiat tinggi

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